Do you like music? Good vibes? Hanging out? Having a good time? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Coffeeshop The Store is established in 1990. Our goal was to create a place to relax, sit, smoke and listen to music that fits the vibe. At The Store, we stand for hospitality and a relaxed ambience.

We are located on the singel; one of the most beautiful spots in Amsterdam. It’s only five minutes on foot from the central station.

The store likes to offer a bit more than just a rush. We’re all about the experience. We’re a place to enjoy yourself and meet new people.

We’re open every day from 10:00 – 00:00.



What is Cannabis?

Marijuana is basically the dried flowering top from a cannabis plant while Hashish is made from compressed cannabis resin. Hashish and marijuana are drugs that suppress feelings and pain. Beware as they can also change the way you perceive things around. The chemical that produces these effects is called THC. Each different type of hashish or marijuana contains a different amount of THC as part of our increased customer awareness we now list this value on our coffeeshop menu.

The risks of Cannabis

As part of ”The Store’s” policy to increase our customers awareness we would also like to point out the risks involved with taking cannabis in any form. Customers could experience trouble with thinking logically as well as remembering simple things like what just happened. Smoking cannabis releases tar into your lungs which could cause damage. It is also possible that it could hit you in the wrong leading to loss of control, feeling sick and increased fear. Cannabis should always be used responsibly. Constant use can lead to addiction both psychologically and physically.

What are the effects of cannabis?

Depending on the way you prefer to enjoy our quality products will depend when the effects will start. Customers who prefer to smoke will notice the effect after a few minutes and it could last anywhere between two and four hours. If you prefer to ingest our products in some way then be prepared for the effects not to take hold for up to an hour later. You should then expect to notice the effects for between four and eight hours.

Hashish and marijuana can often give customers a cheerful and relaxed feeling. Customers can also experience music and colors to be more intense. Please note that taking cannabis intensifies your mood, so if your already feeling lousy it could make you feel even worse. Taking cannabis increases your heart rate slightly while also making your eyes slightly bloodshot.

Cannabis Test

Following the test will help you discover whether you are taking too many risks. Once you’ve answered the questions you’ll receive the test results with information about your score. Depending on your score, we’ll make certain recommendations.

Further help and advice on quitting cannabis can be found from the sites below
addaction.org.uk (UK), drugabuse.gov (USA), emcdda.europa.eu (Germany) and jellinek.nl (Nederland)

Source: jellinek.nl

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